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Spanish  Enrichment

Ages 3 years - 6 years

 We intersperse our daily program with a focus on also teaching Spanish. This is designed to encourage children to understand the Spanish equivalent to certain things within their environment. While exploring their classroom our teachers surround the children with sounds of this language. We acknowledge that it is an additional language in this ever-changing society and want the children to have an acceptance of cultural differences. In addition, we offer a Spanish Immersion Program where you may sign your child up to receive a more intensive exposure to learning this language.

Please see the "Our Programs" button on the heading to further research this offer.


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STREAM Program 

Ages 3 years - 6 years

Our STREAM sessions provide our children with the opportunity to combine problem-solving and fun with science-based activities. During these experiential classes the children learn simple concepts related to the environment, physics, technology, and engineering.

Group work encourages team building.


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Music/Movement/Yoga Program 

Ages 3 years - 6 years


Provided as a weekly event our movement

classes  give the children a chance to combine stretching with rhythm.

They learn how to utilize yoga as

a means to manage external stresses

by focusing on the internal signals

within their bodies.

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