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Field Trip to The police Station & Library

The Orchard Class field trip at the Ridgewood Police Station and Library. First we meet up with Officer Elwood and Officer Perez and they deputized each of the kids with a police badge sticker as they entered the station. Then they showed the children the inside of the police station. They were able to see the jail cell and the fingerprint station, along with some of the officer's tools such as his handcuffs and bullet proof "bat" shield. We then went outside and saw the police car. The officers ran the sirens which the children enjoyed and then each child was able to talk into the police radio speaker. Our next stop was the Ridgewood Public Library. Our librarian Ashley gave us a tour of the library and talked to the children about what she does on a daily basis. We were then invited to stay for story time which the children enjoyed. Many thanks to our parent volunteers Mrs. Vermylen, Mrs. Schirripa, and Mrs. Harley for helping us on our trip and ensuring that things ran smoothly! We greatly appreciated your help. 

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