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Recycling Department Visits MLC

We had a visit with Ms. Johanna and Mr. Ed from the Village of Ridgewood Recycling Department. They were kind enough to come into school and talk to the children about garbage and recycling. The children discussed what garbage is and they learned where the garbage goes once it leaves the garbage truck.

Ms. Johanna showed them pictures of landfills and talked to the children about what items can be recycled so that we can help our Earth.

Then Mr. Ed took the children on a tour of his garbage truck. The children learned about Roni the Raccoon and how his famous saying is to recycle, "It's the law." The children loved the fact that Mr. Ed actually had two steering wheels in his truck, one on each side of the vehicle to make it easier for him to collect the recyclables. Mr. Ed showed them how the garbage truck lifts the garbage and the children were able to throw recyclable bottles into the truck and watch the garbage truck crush them. Their favorite part of the tour was of course when Mr. Ed honked his garbage truck horn!

Many thanks to Ms. Johanna and Mr. Ed from the Village of Ridgewood Recycling Department for coming into school to share their garbage truck vehicle with us.


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