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Kindergarten Cultural Program Asia - South Korea

The Kindergarten class began learning about Asia. The children were treated to two celebrations on South Korea. On Wednesday, Mrs. Myers (the toddler and PM K teacher) shared the family’s Korean heritage. Her son was born in Korea. He is the cutie in the center of the poster she is holding. Mrs. Han (Abby’s mom) and younger brother Andrew came to class and shared the family’s South Korean Heritage. Abby’s mom was born in Korea. Abby and her siblings were born in NY and NJ.

The children learned about the parts of the flag and located Korea on a map. Students learned that while the country is small (note the red dot on the map below), it is known for many things throughout the world. For example: food, electronics, cars, sports (golf, skating, archery), and musicians. The children heard music, saw first birthday clothing - hanbok and traditional dress. Each day they were treated to a Korean favorite food. On Wednesday they tried dumplings. They also loved the pickle side condiment! Mrs. Han made fresh rice balls, and the class kept her very busy with the orders!

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