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Field Trip to the Ridgewood Police Station

Our field trip to the Ridgewood Police Station was a success! Many thanks to Officer Christopher & Officer Amoruso for giving us a tour of the station.

The children were shown how criminals are fingerprinted, the bench where they sit handcuffed and the jail they are kept in. We entered into the command center and some of the children were able to send messages through the microphone.

The officers also showed the children the equipment they may use on a daily basis, including their flashlights, handcuffs, radio, shield and bullet proof vest. They had fun trying on the bullet proof vest. Of course they were most curious about their gun. The children had the most fun watching the police vehicle lights and listening to the sirens.

Many thanks to Mrs. Fila, Mrs. McHugh, Mrs, O'Donnell, Ms. DeGaetano and Mr. Sallehy for volunteering to help us on the field trip. Your help was greatly appreciated!

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