Kindergarten Cultural Curriculum - Europe - Denmark

We thank the Gudmann family for sharing their Danish heritage. Karl’s mom (Pernille) and infant brother (Walter) came to class and talked about Denmark. Karl was born in China, yet has roots in Denmark. Soon Karl will attend a class to learn the language. The children located Denmark in the world and discovered that it has a monarchy, is part of Scandinavia and the land of the Vikings. Denmark is Europe's oldest kingdom and its flag is the oldest European flag.

In a child friendly way Pernille talked about: the size and population of Denmark (as compared to that of NYC), Tivoli Gardens (the inspiration for Disneyland), and legos. The children were curious about the legos and learned that the word is rooted in the Danish language meaning “play well”.

She shared the language and showed how letters in the Danish language look different. The students saw small children’s books and heard about H.C. Andersen, author of The Little Mermaid and The Princess and the Pea.

We learned about popular Danish foods and tried delicious homemade Danish pastry! The children snacked on the pastry while Mrs. Gudmann told the story of The Princess and the Pea.


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