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Sense of Taste Week

It's all about tasting in the Orchard class this week! The children have sampled candy corns, bananas, potato chips, lemons, unsweetened chocolate and a host of other foods. They are learning about the role of our tongue in sampling foods and the fact that we have taste buds.

They are being taught how to use the terms salty, sweet, sour and bitter to describe the foods they are tasting. The children have spent two days sampling different foods and have been charting whether or not they liked or disliked each of the food selections. They are being trained in cleaning their palates with a sip of water in between sampling, this way they can truly appreciate the flavor of the next food.

They had some really funny reactions to sampling unsweetened chocolate, pickles and cranberry juice! We are trying to teach them to try new foods, even when they think they won't like them, as our taste buds can change over time.


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