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Sense of Smell Week

It's hard to believe we have come to our last Sense! It was all about the Sense of Smell in the Orchard class this week! The children brought in scents from home to share with the class. The classroom was filled with books on smell, the Montessori smelling bottles which contained various scents for the children to guess that scent and match, as well as blindfold scented candle matching.

We also brought in a variety of foods, spices, and essential oils and items from nature for them to smell and chart their opinions as to whether they liked or disliked the scents. We were surprised that many children actually enjoyed the scent of fresh garlic, onion and vinegar. It also appears as if we have many future coffee drinkers in the classroom!

We ended our week by making Kool-aid scented playdough that they were able to enjoy and take home.

We hope that your children have enjoyed our journey through the Senses. We have had a lot of fun with the Unit!


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