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Sense of Hearing Week

It was all about exploring the Sense of Hearing in the Orchard classroom this week! The classroom areas were filled with Montessori materials such as the sound cylinders, the sound bag, an assortment of musical instruments and homemade sound cylinders that we created out of recycled baby jars.

We also have books on hearing as well as read aloud books on CD that the children can listen to themselves in the language area. They have been learning about soft and loud sounds and we have been moving to the beat of slow and fast tempo sounds in music. The children made rainsticks in the art area this week. They listened to several sound CD and had to guess that sound.

They also went on a listening walk inside and outside of the school area and we discussed the sounds we heard. They were encouraged to stand still and close their eyes so they could focus on just hearing and not seeing what was going on around them. They were able to hear birds chirping, cars zooming past, airplanes, people talking and the wind blowing.

We also discussed how hearing different types of music makes us feel and we danced with colored scarves and rhythm sticks to the beat of slow and fast tempo music.


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