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Sense of Touch Week

It was all about exploring the Sense of Touch in the Orchard classroom this week! The classroom areas were filled with Montessori materials such as the touch tablets, the touch bag, fabric matching, and touch books and puzzles.

The children got to discover different textures using their hands and feet. They were taught how to describe what they were feeling using terms such as rough, smooth, bumpy, sticky, hot, cold etc. They made texture books in the art area. They explored the feel of shaving cream and goop on their hands. They also did some mystery touching by using only their hands and not their eyes to feel textures such as cold spaghetti, peeled grapes, and the insides of a pumpkin.

We went on a barefoot touch walk in the gym, walking on a rough welcome mat, bumpy bubble wrap, a piece of furry fabric, smooth, cold tiles, carpeting, sticky contact paper and soft sand.

The children's favorite part of touch week seemed to be the Flubber, also known as green slime, that we made towards the end of the week. By now I'm sure you have all had a feel of the slime that went home in the plastic egg!


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