Occupation Week: Officer DiBenedetto from the Ridgewood Police Department

Our special guest for today was Officer DiBenedetto from the Ridgewood Police Department. Officer DiBenedetto shared with the children all of his many job responsibilities.

He showed them his shield and bullet proof vest along with all of the tools on his belt, including his pepper spray, radio, flashlight, handcuffs, baton, and gun. The children had many questions for the officer, especially about handcuffs and sending bad people to prison :)

After the officer was finished speaking the kids got to go outside and see his police car. Officer DiBenedetto showed them where he keeps prisoners in the back of his police car.

He also showed them his first aid kit, his caution tape and his special hard hat that he has to wear sometimes. He flashed his police car lights and showed us his car radio.

The children had a great time!

Many thanks to Officer DiBenedetto for sharing his occupation with us!


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