Occupation Week: Field Trip!

The children had a great time on our field trip to the Kings shopping center yesterday! Mrs. D showed the children around all the areas of the supermarket and explained to the children the various jobs that all the departments are responsible for. First the children chatted with the produce man and learned how he rotates the produce each morning.

Then we went to the cheese department and the kids got a lesson on how Amy in the cheese area packages and grates various cheeses. They visited the bakery department and got to see how the baker bakes bread and were shown the special rotating ovens he uses to do his job.

One of their favorite parts of the tour was visiting Mr. Rob in the fish department. Mr. Rob showed the kids all of the different fish he sells, the shovel he uses to pack the fish in ice, and took out some live lobsters for them to see and touch if they wanted. They visited the Sushi man and watched as he rolled out the fish and made the sushi. Mrs. D ended the tour by showing the children the job of a cashier and they each got a chance to be a cashier by swiping a food item through the scanner. Kings gave the kids fruit and cupcakes as a special snack.

After the Kings tour the children went to visit the Lisa Thomas Salon where Ms. Lucy, a hairdresser, showed them all of the tools she uses to do her job on a daily basis. The children were given a lollipop as a special treat at the end of their visit.

We ended our field trip with a visit to La Bella Pizzeria where the owner, Mr.Kenny, allowed the children to enter into the kitchen and showed them the responsibilities of a pizza chef. It was a lot of fun! We ordered pizzas so we could have a special pizza snack when we returned to school.

Many thanks to Kings, the Lisa Thomas Salon, and La Bella Pizzeria, for taking the time to share their many occupations with us! Also, a big thank you to Mrs. Llamzon and Mr. O'Donnell for volunteering their time to be chaperones on the trip!


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