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Occupation Week: Ms. Maynard, Medical Sales

Occupation Week, Montessori Learning Center Ridgewood

Yesterday's special guest for Occupation week was Ms. Maynard (Alex's mom). Ms. Maynard works in medical sales and sells and educates doctors and diabetic patients on how to use the latest insulin pumps.

She explained to the children that there are two types of diabetes and discussed the role of the pancreas as an organ in our bodies, and what happens when our pancreas does not produce enough insulin. She stressed the importance of eating healthy foods such as carrots and staying away from sugary foods and sodas.

Occupation Week, Montessori Learning Center Ridgewood

Ms. Maynard passed an insulin pump around the circle so the children could see what one looks like. They learned that an insulin pump is like a mini computer which is able to properly calculate how much insulin a body needs to function properly.

Ms. Maynard brought in a model stomach and Lenny the Lion to help her demonstrate how exactly an insulin pump's tube is attached to the stomach so that it delivers insulin to the body. The children found this part fascinating!

Occupation Week, Montessori Learning Center Ridgewood

Many thanks to Ms. Maynard for taking the time to come into the classroom and share her occupation with us!


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