Occupation Week: Mrs. Lefkowitz, History and Law Teacher

Today's special guest for Occupation week was Mrs. Lefkowitz (Lilly's mom). Mrs. Lefkowitz is a High School teacher who teaches history and law at Paramus High School. She shared with the children the difference in their school day experience to a high school student's day. The children enjoyed hearing about how high school kids get to drive themselves to school and how most of them have five or six teachers instead of two.

Then Mrs. Lefkowitz taught the children about voting, a concept that she is now discussing with her own students. The children had a lot of fun as they had to make a choice and vote for their favorite animated character-Mickey Mouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or Princess Sofia from Frozen. They got to come up to the front of the class and submit their vote and then they tallied the votes together as a class to find out which character had won.

As Jake and the Neverland Pirates won, they were able to take a coloring sheet of Jake home to color. Mrs. Lefkowitz also read the children a book on "What Teachers Do" and they received a goody bag with pencils, erasers and word searches.

Many thanks to Mrs. Lefkowitz for coming into the classroom to share her occupation with us!


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