Occupation Week: Ms. Joanna, Yoga Teacher

Yesterday's special guest for Occupation week was Ms. Joanna (Rosie & Rory's mom). Ms. Joanna is a yoga teacher who teaches fitness instruction to children and adults. She came into the classroom and showed the children a variety of yoga poses which they were able to practice along with her.

The children started out with some warm up exercises which included balloon breaths, popcorn toes and shoulder shrugs. She then taught them some fun yoga poses, some of their favorites being the giraffe, crab, triangle, bow, rock and cow poses, downward dog, the airplane, and sally the snake.

They ended their yoga session in a rest position and Ms. Joanna read them a lovely poem and allowed them each to smell a bit of lavender oil for relaxation.

Many thanks to Ms. Joanna for coming into the classroom to share her occupation with us, the children had so much fun!


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