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Kindergarten - Art & Cultural Program

Kindergarten - Cultural Program, Montessori Learning Center Ridgewood
Kindergarten - Cultural Program, Montessori Learning Center Ridgewood

Dear Parents,

We thank Tasneem Patrawala, for showing the children the amazing design possibilities of using a ruler and compass, to make a line, circle and square. She introduced Islamic geometric art and design. She used activities for learning about Islamic art from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The colorful posters showed the children photos of the basic and more complicated designs and architectural examples from Spain, Egypt, India etc. She also provided a fun design activity for each child. The design work will appear on the bulletin board outside of the Kindergarten Classroom.

This presentation also inspired the further study of geometric shapes. The Montessori curriculum features geometric solids and metal inset shapes. The children are exposed to this work in Pre K. During free choice, the Kindergarten children create books, write the names of the shapes and sometimes incorporate the shape into their very own creative idea. In addition, the Kindergarten classroom art area features a simplistic mandala design and basic geometric shape construction using toothpicks and foam shapes.

Mrs. Schnaars, Miss Stephanie & Mrs. Rellinger

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