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Kindergarten Mardi Gras Cultural Program

Kindergarten Mardi Gras Cultural Program, Montessori Learning Center Ridgewood

Dear Parents,

We thank the Boudreau family for sharing the fun of Mardi Gras. Sophie Boudreau’s mom, Joanne, told the story of Mardi Gras, how it first came to New Orleans, Louisiana through French culture. She talked about the traditions of the celebration. The children ate cake, heard jazz, saw hats, masks and beads given at the parades. A popular custom is the baking of a special cake called "A King's Cake.” Miss Stephanie was lucky to find the baby in the King Cake. As a result, the class has one year of good luck and will enjoy a cake again next year!

In addition, earlier in the morning the MLC celebrated 100 days of school. They learned about different ways to count to 100. The children had a lot of hands on activities to count by 1, 2, 5, and 10’s. They also used coins to count to 100.

Mrs. Schnaars & Miss Stephanie

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