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In addition to the language and math individualized and directed activities, the the students have options for free choice in sensorial, art, practical life, art and the cultural areas of both the classroom and Discovery Room. The Kindergarten cultural area offers an opportunity to take a closer look at topics in geography and science. This is achieved with hands on shelf work, experiments, small group lessons or stories. This month the children have been learning:


The layers of the earth and that the Earth is made up of plates that move. Rocks tell about how the Earth has changed, Fossils tell about past life on Earth. How mountains are made and different types of mountains.


The Travel Books that feature the states of the North East include now NJ, Maine, NH, Vermont and today we began to learn about Massachusetts. The children have discovered what is special about each state. They also enjoy the road trip and trivia games like -”Which state is known as the Garden State?” or "Which state has the Morgan Horse as its state animal?”

To celebrate Vermont the children had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and pancakes with maple syrup from Vermont. We read a story about Snowflake Bentley. You never know what a child will take from the class and apply in another setting. One surprise was when a child returned from a long weekend in Vermont and said “Mrs. Schnaars, I saw the Green Mountains!” Today we began Massachusetts. When we return, the children will hear the story Make Way for Ducklings and see photos from the Public Garden in Boston.

Here are just a few photos of the fossils that the children made and a taste of Vermont!


Mrs. Schnaars, Miss Stephanie and Mrs. Rellinger

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