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Welcome to Our School!

Why are we unique? Schedule a visit for a closer look!

Our doors are always open...

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Our Classrooms
Our rooms are sunny and spacious with many shelves filled with specially-designed activities. All materials are created for the children to touch, manipulate and explore, repeat and enjoy. 

Our Students
Our children come from diverse backgrounds and from several towns surrounding Ridgewood. Studies have shown that children from Montessori settings develop a stronger sense of independence, creativity, confidence, courtesy and respect for others, self-discipline, curiosity, compassion, and an appreciation for beauty and order.

Our Curriculum

Our teachers develop activities for the students that focus on the "whole child."
Each activity is created to actively teach
the children a concept as well as "how to learn."
Dozens of concepts are covered each school year.
Materials are rotated every week.

The Montessori Method...a STREAM beginning...

We have all heard of the STREAM initiative (science, technology, reading,

engineering, art, and math) starting a decade ago in education.

Yet, understanding that the Montessori Method was actually a precursor to the

same concepts that encompass STREAM is only coming to the forefront now.

MLC, as we often refer to ourselves, has been in operation for almost 50 years 

promoting creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, cultivating problem-solving

skills, and encouraging mutual respect for others' efforts,

thus building teamwork and collaboration skills.

The photos below give just a snapshot of our preschoolers working on materials

that are STREAM in philosophy. Here's to Maria Montessori!

7619 (2).jpeg

Connecting to Our Community...

Studies show that a sense of belonging is critical to feeling safe and learning about trust. We feel this with our own families. From learning they are a part of a family, and belong to a school and then a community, the children start to learn that connection feels secure. Here at MLC we help the children learn this by hosting community events, thus creating an awareness for knowing that we are all a part of a bigger world. This participation with others teaches them that we can all reach outside of ourselves to be there for one another. 

“I cannot say enough about this school! After touring several preschools in the area and a friend’s recommendation, we felt most comfortable starting here, and I’m so glad we did. MLC is such a wholesome, responsible, and caring institution. They put thought into everything and make children feel cared for, part of a community, and happy! They also balance education and academics well with fun and play. The teachers are wonderful and take great care in knowing each child well. I recommend this place wholeheartedly!"
-J. Smaldone
"Our son loves it here! After touring many schools, we chose this school because they had 2-3 teachers to a class, and we felt our son needed more handholding being that it was his first experience with school and he was very shy. Fast forward 2 years later he's grown up so much and learned to be more independent. All the teachers and staff here are excellent and nurturing. Every teacher or helper knows my son even though he's not in the class like one big family. His teachers Ms. Effie and Ms. Rellinger are so wonderful! They taught him so much these past 2 years and I feel he will be ready for kindergarten. He will miss his teachers and all the friends he's made here. I definitely recommend coming here!"
-C. Jung
“My 5 year-old daughter (who just graduated) has loved this school since Day 2 at the age of 3 (she usually takes weeks to settle in but here it was just so natural and fun for her). There hasn’t been a single day when she didn’t want to go. I have seen her grow so much in the last 2 years. All the teachers are so loving and really do care. I am definitely sending my younger one here when she is old enough to go.”
- S. Soon Juneja
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